Learning Artifacts and Credentials

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Learning Artifacts and Credentials

Get your credential project to scale faster with DegreeData parsing and tagging services.

In the following example, DegreeData parsed each of 11,000 programs at community colleges in California and tagged them with the award, total credits and instructional (CIP) code. Each program is a stand-alone record which includes links to General Education and the full list of course descriptions. What’s more, with the help of our friends at the National Student Clearinghouse, each of these records includes a link to that company’s Degree Verification portal for employers. From this single page a viewer can see an impersonal overview of a course of study and verify the user’s credential.

Is your state or system creating learning artifacts? Let’s do a pilot program for you. Contact sales@degreedata.com to discuss your project.

Select the programs icon in the table below to drill into the artifacts:

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