What we do

Some catalogs are parsed into different sections for courses, programs and policies. Some are not.

We are currently parsing catalogs into sections in California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Massachusetts. In those states, pdf catalogs can be parsed into smaller sections, but web catalogs don’t need to be. Web catalogs are easy to search and navigate without our intervention.

Yes. Colleges which have closed, changed their names or merged are included in our archives.

We visit college websites once a year to gather updated catalogs or check for additional archives.

No. You don’t have to do any work to be included in DegreeData. All catalogs are included.

No. We charge for subscriptions to the national database, but catalog inclusion is free.

No, but we are happy to provide data to whichever vendor you work with or if you are developing a system in house. Please contact admin@degreedata.com to discuss integrations with your software provider or internal technical group.

We download copies of PDF catalogs or create links to web catalogs. These publicly available documents are gathered from institutional websites exclusively. No third-party sites, commercial or otherwise, are ever used. We don’t even copy information from departmental websites. Only an official catalog of record is used in DegreeData.

They’re big! Most undergraduate catalogs are 260 pages or more. We’re improving the download speeds constantly, but it will always take a few seconds to see a full catalog.

If you see a catalog that isn’t included it may be because we couldn’t find it, or because we simply haven’t circled back to that college yet. If you have an archived catalog to share, please send a link to admin@degreedata.com As long as it’s a full catalog (not an addendum) and the link is directly from your institution, it can be included.

As many as possible! It’s not possible to get all the years of back catalogs from every college, however. We only take what we can find on the institution’s website.

Yes. For more information for licensing, contact sales@degreedata.com. Licensing is available for college search sites, state systems and more.

We publish information about college graduation requirements and courses in the form of:

A searchable online database available to administrators, researchers and educators via subscription.

Learner Credentials—a representation of a student’s academic experience as culled from program graduation requirements.