“Serving students is easier when you have the tools to do the job. The DegreeData interface is easy to use and a one-stop shop helps us efficiently evaluate transfer credits.”

What we do

We publish information about college graduation requirements and courses in the form of:

A searchable online database available to administrators, researchers and educators via subscription.

Learner Credentials—a representation of a student’s academic experience as culled from program graduation requirements.

Why we do it

We know that understanding academic requirements prior to enrollment will help learners achieve their goals, minimize their debt and find employment in their field.

We get it–a college transcript is the official credential of record for students and should be controlled by the institution;

We believe that students have a right to an impersonal, verifiable credential to use in any way they see fit.

DegreeData is part of the higher education community

From leadership and technology to catalog acquisition and parsing, DegreeData is staffed by folks whose background is in education.

Anne Valentine


Anne has spent 20 years serving the higher education sector through software and technology development. In 1996, she founded SmartCatalog, the first company to provide academic catalog and curriculum management online. In 2008, she founded DegreeData to provide an independent collection of college catalogs and curriculum in the US and founded DegreeData.

During her career Anne has worked with hundreds of colleges; is an active member of the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) and has been a corporate member and presenter at industry associations.

Dave Fravel

Lead Developer

Dave is the genius behind the technology at DegreeData. Dave is responsible for the design and development of the underlying curriculum database as well as its delivery through tested and documented APIs. Dave is also in charge of deploying the back-end tools for acquiring, reporting and testing the data. He works closely with our website developer and licensing parters to deliver content on line or through licensing agreements.

Dave has been developing database applications since 1995. He has created hundreds of web applications and dozens of APIs for clients from the Habitat for Humanity to international Fortune 500 corporations.

Beth Quick

Lead Data Acquisition

Beth has been harvesting academic catalogs and training others to do so since the company’s inception. She has been responsible for more academic catalog archives than anyone else at the company (or in the world for that matter).

When Beth is not actively farming, she’s quality checking everything we do, providing training to new farmers and participating in the design and development of in-house farming technology.

Beth’s most significant qualification is that she is a mother, who used DegreeData to help her daughter find the right college. This is what her daughter says about using it: “Degree Data saved me so much time by having all the information in one location. I was able to choose my top colleges and find my best fit!”

Lynne Vellante

Data Acquisition

Lynne joined DegreeData in 2016 and has been working in Higher Education for most of her professional career. After relocating to Maryland in 2003, Lynne began working at Johns Hopkins University in Academic Support Services and then became a Program Manager for Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges in Washington, DC.

Her experience developing and executing college outreach activities to support the Army National Guard’s relationship with the higher education community helped a gain a deeper understanding how DegreeData can help people.

Keith Ingalls

Data Acquisition

Keith has spent the last 30 years in higher education, having recently retired from his position as Registrar at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Throughout his career he has worked collaboratively with Academic Advising as well as managing academic policies, standards and processes, catalog maintenance and curriculum processes.  In addition, he has worked closely with Institutional Reporting, Enrollment Management, Financial Aid and Student Affairs which provides him with a well rounded perspective on the issues and challenges facing higher education today.

James J. Curry Jr

Content Specialist

Jim Curry has over 30 years of experience in higher education, many of those at Pace University. He has served in multiple capacities including as an educator, administrator and in academic leadership. Jim’s educational background includes data analytics, implementing and managing student retention technology and student success platforms. He has served institutions in the fields of academic affairs, IT and student services.

Rebecca Baranoff

Data Acquisition

Rebecca is a data expert. She’s been working in data coding and collection since 2015. Her experience in medical coding plus her work in a school library is the perfect combination for DegreeData. She not only understands deep and complex data; she has firsthand experience assisting students in finding information. We value her ability to see the details in academic information and to gather and tag them correctly.

When she’s not helping DegreeData build a better database, Rebecca is continuing her education in the field of data collection and coding.

Lindsay Padden

Data Acquisition

Lindsay has been working in higher education since 2010. After graduating from the University of Kansas, she went to work in the registrar’s office at Westminster Theological Seminary. In 2015 she moved to the Washington and a position in the Registrar’s office at Georgetown University where she was promoted to the Assistant Registrar for Student Records and Grades.

Lindsay has a solid appreciation for the value of accurate data. She understands not only the importance of updated information, but how it’s used by students, faculty and staff.

Michael Blumenaur

Content Specialist

Michael joined DegreeData from Dartmouth College where he was the Associate Registrar for Curriculum and Graduation. In that role, Michael dealt first hand with every aspect of curriculum development from academic standards to policies and politics.

At DegreeData Michael takes the lead on processs improvements including parsing and tagging data at increasingly granular levels. He works with the development team to transform ideas to actionalbe steps.