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DegreeData harvests, parses, and delivers curriculum data from college academic catalogs. Our exceptional web portal allows you to search and compare information from over 20,000 course catalogs from more than 3,800 institutions in one convenient location.

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Transfer Credit Evaluators

Use the DegreeData Course Finder to efficiently find course descriptions from our deep archive of catalogs.

Curriculum Developers

Compare programs and courses from multiple colleges in your state, region and nationally


Save time by using the authoritative and up to date source for college curriculum data.

Workforce Boards

Research program graduation requirements and certificate courses from multiple colleges quickly and in-depth.


Discover the programs and courses that meet your needs and understand current employees academic achievement to hire
from within.

State and Federal Agencies

Compare programs, courses and requirements across your state and system.

“Academic information from DegreeData has been a valuable resource and allowed staff to work more efficiently”

Dawn Light

Associate Director, Military Programs, American Council on Education

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DegreeData is available in an affordable subscription package annually.


State, systems and other content providers may license DegreeData information for their own websites.

Data Services

DegreeData offers custom filtering, parsing and tagging services to make data meaningful for your organization.

Search and compare thousands of US college degrees and certificate programs by state, institution, degree type, and area of study.