DegreeData Workforce

Recruit, Train and Promote with confidence.

Skills and competency information at your fingertips.

DegreeData provides comparative data to make hiring and training decisions more efficiently. We integrate our national database of college curriculum with resume parsing technology to uncover skills for recruits and existing staff.

What is DegreeData

DegreeData is detailed information about college programs. We mine official academic publications for graduation information including learning outcomes, skills assertions and required courses.

DegreeData contains no personal information or grades.

DegreeData is mined from official academic publications exclusively.

DegreeData is verifiable through our partnership with National Student Clearinghouse.

How does it work?

You can order DegreeData Learning Artifacts for a single prospective candidate or an entire department. You supply the name of the college, program and year of graduation and we do the rest. Learning artifacts can be parsed for skills through our integration with Daxtra or integrated with your own ATS or resume parser.

DegreeData + Daxtra

DegreeData partners with Daxtra recruiting technology to parse academic artifacts into skills you can use. More than 1000 organizations spanning all continents, use Daxtra software products. Daxtra’s suite of recruiting solutions manages 70 million CVs a month.