DegreeData for Resumes

DegreeData gets your resume noticed

Is your resume getting lost in the crowd? Most resumes aren’t read by humans. Instead, they pass through machine-reading systems that search for key words. Only the ones with the most matches are seen by a hiring manager.

DegreeData optimizes resumes with official college graduation requirements. 

We mine our database of academic publications to find the program you graduated from and add it’s attributes to your resume. Only official content is included and the information is verifiable. No grades will show.


We’re looking for 1,000 college graduates to try DegreeData and report back on their success.

What is DegreeData for Resumes

DegreeData is a machine-readable representation of your college program requirements.

It's secure

Program information is presented in its original format including outcomes and graduation requirements.

It's verifiable

DegreeData for Resumes can be verified through a national degree verification portal.

It's official

DegreeData is mined exclusively from official academic publications at accredited US institutions.

What is DegreeData for Resumes

DegreeData is a machine-readable representation of college program graduation requirements. You may remember them from the academic catalog—it’s the list of the courses you need to complete to graduate. It can also include the skills your college says you have when you graduate.

Today, software applications search resumes for key words that match the job description. DegreeData optimizes resumes by including details about the courses you took and the skills you learned in college. These course lists and skills statements come from official college publications and are a trusted source of information about curriculum.

Improve keyword matching in resume machine-reading systems
Employers receive more resumes for job openings than they can read manually. Hiring managers use Resume Parsers and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to read resumes and rank them against the job description. The more matches that are found, the more likely it is the candidate will get noticed.

Adding DegreeData to your resume will improve the keyword match and help you get noticed.
You can’t re-write your resume for every job and you can’t guess what some of those key words are. What you can do is make your resume work better across the board by including more detailed information about your education.


Enhance Your Resume

All fields are required
* Be specific– programs can have multiple awards and concentrations. For instance, accounting may be offered as a Certificate, Associates Degree or BA with a focus on Tax Accounting, Forensic Accounting or Bookkeeping. The more specific you are, the faster we can provide your DegreeData.
** Why do we need this information? Program Graduation Requirements are tied to the description of record for the year you started the program, not the year you graduated. Your DegreeData will be harvested from the official document for the year you matriculated to the program.