Overcoming PDF Tomes

DegreeData makes navigating curriculum faster in California and New York

Eightly percent of academic catalogs are published in PDF. The technology is easy to use and affordable. Best of all, PDF documents are the backbone of a stable archive. We foresee PDF archives on sites long into the future, even after curriculum management systems have been implemented. They are reliable and incorruptable.

The problem for researchers is that navigating huge PDF documents can be inefficient, especially when you just need to see courses or programs. To overcome that, DegreeData has selected Calfironia Community Colleges and New York institutions to prove that PDF catalogs can be parsed into smaller sections.

By parsing catalogs into digestible sections for courses, programs and general education, you can jump to the information you need faster and employ our search tools with greater specificity. In addition, DegreeData will always present the catalog as a single document for sections not pre-parsed.

See for yourself:
Link to CCCS and New York. (Neil, Dave still has to create this.)

What’s next? Program parsing and meta-tagging. DegreeData is parsing individual programs and adding meta data for total credits, award, CIP codes and more. Stay tuned…