Castleton University, 2016

DegreeData Program Summary
Award: BS
Program Credits: 54
Total Credits: 122 Mininum
Programming Languages:
C++, basic and advanced
Visual Basic, basic and advanced
Source Document: Castelton University, 2016-2017 Catalog

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Official Graduation Requirements

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The purpose of the program is to prepare students for employment in the field of Information Systems. Students will have a broad-based business perspective, a solid foundation in critical thinking and analysis, the ability to design and create an information technology solution, and strong communication and team skills.

The required business courses help to prepare students to comprehend the concepts and language common to the business realm. This serves to enhance the student’s understanding of the role that information systems play in the operations of all types of business organizations.

The programming component is designed to help students become proficient in computer programming in an Object-Oriented Programming environment. Students will be exposed to the key role that databases play in capturing, storage, processing, and reporting of information within an organization.

Students completing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems/Business will be proficient in:

Complete the following Business Administration courses (18 cr):

ACC 2101 – Accounting I 3 cr

BUS 2020 – Principles of Management 3 cr

BUS 2230 – Principles of Marketing 3 cr

BUS 2370 – Business Communications 3 cr

BUS 3230 – Financial Management 3 cr

BUS 3250 – Organizational Development and Behavior 3 cr

and the following Programming courses (18 cr):

CIS 2011 – Visual Basic Programming 3 cr

CIS 2031 – C/C++ Programming I 3 cr

CIS 2032 – C/C++ Programming II 3 cr

CIS 3022 – Advanced Visual Basic 3 cr

CIS 3040 – Databases 3 cr

CIS 3045 – Advanced Database Concepts 3 cr

and the following Information Technology courses (15 cr):

CIS 3410 – Foundations of Information Systems 3 cr

BUS 4220 – Networking 3 cr

BUS 4530 – Technical Project Management 3 cr

CIS 4120 – Systems Analysis and Design 3 cr

CIS 4045 – Information Security Management 3 cr

and complete an internship (3 cr):

CIS 4810 – Internship in Computer Information Systems


BUS 4810 – Internship in Business

Credits required for the major: 54 cr

And complete the university’s Gen Ed requirements

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