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DegreeData.com is your one-stop source for detailed information about US college programs, courses and costs, served directly from official online college catalogs.

Search & compare thousands of US college degrees and certificate programs by state, institution, degree type, and area of study.

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Why DegreeData.com?


  • Find official college information in one place about program requirements and courses, without having to search individual college web sites.
  • Compare information from different schools or different programs within a school.
  • Match the degree that fits your existing credits, and research costs, accreditation and college transfer policies.

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Who’s using DegreeData.com?

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Guidance Counselors
Research college programs and save up to date information about degrees.

Academic Advisors
Find detailed college admissions requirements and direct your students to the best degree programs for their goals.

Transfer Evaluators
Search and immediately access college catalog course descriptions. Up to date descriptions, several years available.

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Find your perfect college. Compare degrees, costs and transfer policies of thousands of US Colleges & Universities.

Search multiple college catalogs and post secondary institutions.

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Review current college & university catalogs and degree requirements from colleges in your region in one source.

State Education Administrators
Get a broad view of degrees and requirements across numerous college & university systems.

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DegreeData.com is powered by a database of over 7,000 catalogs and is growing every day. Only indexed catalogs may be searched on the site. We continue to index catalogs daily for future posting on the site. For more information about the catalog database behind DegreeData.com, please see Frequently Asked Questions or email contact@degreedata.com.